Blended Babies - See the World

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feat. Asher Roth & Chuck Inglish

Pack a punch like Spike Palm, I'm Tai Kwon
Tight homes on white moms, in bad hoods
Backwards, it's bad-good, bad's good
Dad should get that mad, it's that good
Mass appeal for the ass who feel
Asking where the cash is at, have you in the pasture killed
Laughing like it's track the bill, pass him on the practice field
Tell em what they wanna hear, give em what they have to feel
This is where the grass is real, greener if you mean it
Conceited is deceiving, the passion is what I'm seeing
Believe it if you wanna, but really it's if you need it
I thought it said he taught him, no talking, better just be it
Beat it!

See the world as same as me
See the world as same as me

[Chuck Inglish:]
Forever in the moment, I bend a couple corners
We get it when you're focus, this is magic Hocus Pocus
And you know us, the rawest, alivest living artist
Rhyming with my partner, live to write a couple stories
The owner of the Bulls just copped a red Ferrari
Left another party, tears dropping on the car seat
Pardon me, this ain't no R&B
It's like concrete, air hits, and hardy
Eye's water, can't hardly see
Story gets better, start to read
This how it ought to be, walk with me & then spark the tree

See the world as same as me
See the world as same as me