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Album : Hyperspace [2019] [-]

Album : Hyperspace [2019] [-] album cover

Album : Hyperspace [2019]

Album : Hyperspace [2019] album cover

This is the tracklisting for 'Hyperspace' album:
2.Uneventful Days
3.Saw Lightning
4.Die Waiting
6.See Through
9.Dark Places
11.Everlasting Nothing

1. Everlasting Nothing lyrics
2. Hyperlife lyrics
3. Saw Lightning lyrics
4. Uneventful days lyrics

Album : Morning Phase [2014]

Album : Morning Phase [2014] album cover

While Beck signed to Capitol Records, the singer and producer release his new album Morning Phase on February 24, 2014. The press release describes it as "a companion piece of sorts" to that album.
Morning Phase is actually Beck's first album in six years, coming after Modern Guilt in 2008 and includes a number of 12 tracks as it follows:
01. Morning
02. Heart Is A Drum
03. Say Goodbye
04. Waking Light
05. Unforgiven
06. Wave
07. Don't Let It Go
08. Blackbird Chain
09. Evil Things
10. Blue Moon
11. Turn Away
12. Country Down

1. Blue Moon lyrics