song by Bayou
Airlock lyrics

Feel the jet lag, in a black car
Burnt out, smell the smoke
Hovercraft, just above, feeling like you can float
But you're tethered to me, whoever you beat
Until you're the king
Look world, you just made it
Started small, but you tried to save it
Too fast, now they're coming at ya
Too mixed up like a capatcha
Gold watch, but you feel the same
Something inside of you built strong
But your mind was loose, these cars are blue
Spray them, change them
But they sound the same when you start
And there's nothing that i wanna do with you so

It's too far away
It's always too far away
It's too far away

In the air, out of body
Wanna walk on a wing tip
Find a reason to lose it
Falling through my mind
No vision, but you've got time
Stuck in the tube, ageless
Rangeless when i try to aim but
When you get it right
Something else moves
Hold tight, trapped in a bright light
New black, shadowy darkness
Time zones, new homes
Built up on the last ones
Twisted metal, piled on old roads
Air lock
Cold shock of the feeling
Like you're hitting a ceiling
Then someone gets close to you
Breaking bad news to you
I'm on the road and i've things that i gotta do
There's nothing that
I wanna do