song by AVRIEL
Prelude lyrics

I've been thinkin' about you, 'bout you lately
And my dress left in that apartment on Lindley
Nightmares waking up in sweats, bodies touching
How the hell did you make me feel like I deserved this?

I'll spend years tryna figure it out
Your denial's making me feeling like maybe
Soon these bruises will fade and a smile
Will defeat all the demons you gave me

Got me looking so crazy right now
Chasing fame, numb the pain, gettin' faded
You'll be sick
When you hear this
You'll think about it!!
You'll think about it!!
(Now you got me looking so crazy right now)

I've been hearing about you, 'Bout you lately
Shattered dreams, living in Long Beach, just turned forty
Daddy's songs still pay your bills, I've got Grammys!
Found a girl naive enough to have your babies ?!

I spent years tryna figure it out
Why you felt it was OK to break me?!
Never realized that Karma entails
Hearing Keisha say "Daddy he raped me"

For the sins of her father she'll pay
Seventeen ruined by a prophecy
How do you feel?
Now that it's your baby?

You'll think about it!! (I've been thinkin' about it)
You'll think about it!!