song by ANTHM
Dark Horse Rising lyrics

Check mate when I see them move
Check the name, that's DJ Booth

Quit drama now, spit well for y'all
I keep attached to my waist
MY MICROPHONE, when my mic is on I put you back in your place
If I told you what I see in me you'd probably laugh in my face
Then like Kanye with that paparazzi, I'm probably catching that case
So I keep my mouth closed, I lay low, creeping outdoors
I can't walk around like no emperor in the streets without clothes
No way, king slaying my theme song, slap box with my wrings on
NO WRITER'S BLOCK when I ride the pot, this can't be life, I've got Beamz on
Confidence that I drip, I ooze, kick a flow then I spit these jewels
Bodies, niggas, no world star, DJ Booth to eye witness news
Public service announcement, no need to keep browsing
Get this rapper visas, V thousands, DJ said the key to restyling
Is just stand out, be the best I be, based on the rest I see
Nowadays we use words in vain like CLASSIC
Fair with you everything I do they barely do, these be the ones y'all compare me to
LIKE I BARELY GREW, like I'm not nice enough to bury you
There he go, he back again, loud mouth, he doesn't care
Silly nigga, no singles out, he rap a verse and we clap again
Goddamn, tell ‘em what the nex LP's for, I done did two years like the peace core
Just to learn my stripes and to learn at night lately I don't even keep score
I spit a feature verse, you go back and delete your verse
If you waiting on now let me teach you first
LET ME BRUISE the eagle when I pitch a verse true
Any nigga on God's green earth immune to this when I rhyme these words
Fashionistas, trap rappers, back-packers, all kinds get served
Y'all better lock my wrist, y'all better stop and frisk, y'all better drop that disc
Ride inside your lives to best, you ain't gotta show me love, got enough
When the push come to shovel I float right above ‘em
So high above ‘em, ghost rider, fly till I see what your line is up
I wasn't born to PLAY SECOND FIDDLE, dido, hit you with a brass knuckle, let it turn brittle
I'm gonna be civil but the image of a candlelight vision got my mind at ease
Death steps to all gals, death do us part like prepping our vows
Me and myself, we rapping all house till I black out and stepping on clouds