song by Anna Tivel
Shadowland lyrics

I came to see the flower stand
The vegetables, the cigarettes,
The subway station bucket man,
the headphones and the heat
I thought that I might try again
The living and the breathing
But the living and breathing don't come easy

I used to be a waste of time,
An empty bottle lying down,
A trapped door with the latches gone
Hanging by the edge
Now I guess I'm something else
A raven on an overpass
A wonderer or silver ghost, a beacon

Before I saw everywhere, my car windows
The guarded stare
The hallow eyes
The hunted fear
I had to look away
I thought that I might lose my breath
Living in the coming death
The living and the aftermath the faith

I used to be a waste of time
A burning match led underground
I figure in the shadowland,
A feather in a cage
And I now I hope I'm something else
A blinding flash, a fragment spill
A bird released from some old bail escaping