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Album : Time Skiffs [2021]

Album : Time Skiffs [2021] album cover

The experimental pop band Animal Collective surprised fans with the reveal of a brand new album coming up pretty soon. The record is titled "Time Skiffs", it includes 9 tracks and they already shared the album’s cover along with the detail that is definitely coming up this year.

Here is the tracklist:
01 Dragon Slayer
02 Car keys
03 Prester John
04 Strung with everything
05 Walker
06 Cherokee
07 Passer-by
08 We go back
09 Royal and Desire

1. Car Keys lyrics
2. Cherokee lyrics
3. Dragon Slayer lyrics
4. Passer-by lyrics
5. Prester John lyrics
6. Royal and Desire lyrics
7. Strung with everything lyrics
8. Walker lyrics
9. We go back lyrics

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