song by Adrian Lau
The Departed lyrics

Look up, look at the beat like it's dearly DEPARTED
I roll kush in the sweet until I'm nearly RETARDED
I'm so good on the speech you can spare me the marketing show
It's quite clear I'm aware that I'm often I'm go
Go hammer for the team, we don't need cheerleaders and abandon for the team
Let the money grow board, Bruce Banner with the green
Bruce Wayne in the night, like a phantom on a sensi
My shadow's on the move, car pulling up all you see is the fumes
Lines like dimes no mmf doom
Hippy drug dealers with a couple of goons
Stones to death like a couple of tombs
We ain't hit them yet, we just see him spoon
Don't matter what you selling if you're selling it right
We got heaven for a heluva price, and that's just facts
I'm on vacation getting cash
Headed down east with a wagon full of cash
You could rode your own, you don't even gotta pass
We can get it gone, y'all don't even have to ask
I'm from the city where they hate to like you
And even if they hype you, they do it looking spiteful
Eyes glue to the center piece when I ride through
Stay with the mary jay like I was obliged to
We in the va coupe, more carrots in the legs since the va juice
I don't really know what is if we ain't proof
Drop jams like pennies word to Dj Booth
And good lord, the one know I should fuck her with the team
Call her at her mommy, she will suck it for the green
Diamonds in the ears but there's nothing in between
I don't fuck with them hoes swearing up it's what it seems