song by Adian Coker
Angels and Demons lyrics

(Coming up here today, I have no hidden agenda
I'm invited for my future
In my anger, I'm not whine
In my fear, I'm not afraid to told
The world how I feel.)

I never took Jack shit from anybody,
Give or take.
Of broken bones that's the only time I put a brake
I see through friend mean, thinking they a pay
Plus I'm never blind
?? season like a paper state.
They call me Fram, call me cousin like I'm from??
I'm like grace to these lies,
I set them straight.
I elevate to demonstrate 'em
What come replicate.
Haters they don't even guess shit.
When I ??
You were born in here.
For a nine time to sleep ?? frozen here.
I'm a South beast, it's not extraordinary.

When I drop a CD that's the news on my cruise
And I'm who come up? who turn up?
Buzz until the game, f-ck them up when I came.
I'm the best newcomer.

I turn my music up, I try not to drown fast
A toast to good life, with the ?? fill glass
Niggers, they sold to the high class
Plus a ?? while we barely get caught.
They just regard us, we make it look ??
We make it some night work,
Living in darkness, you know
You know what a wish is,
Everytime I drop some new music, my mind is straight
I'm over eating now, too much on my plate
What is they violate?
All of we reached for, 'cause ??
Tryna find the real reason I'm searching
And nothing ever promised, but one thing is certain
And I'll be in my rope until they know to come ??
I need to read them now hints,
Or chasing pipe dreams and some shiny crown rings
Living the fast life, to mother you're driven tendancies ??

Trying to turn my demons into angels.