song by Active Child
Subtle ft Mikky Ekko lyrics

I took a bit of your love and held it deep inside
In calculating the reasons, you keep me SATISFIED

It's up to you for some love, around I'll make some time
I think I'm losing consciousness, I think I'm LOSING MY MIND
For you

Into the middle of all we had, be strong on me
We cannot fall tonight, no
Even when I'm gone away, you're one and all
Seen his thoughts
When you'll be strong, when I'll go

Oh no, this feels a mess, you got me paralyzed, baby
I'm tired of being alone, you will never see me again, no
Unless you're really alone

The beat goes on and on
The beat goes on
We're haunted by the sight
Boom, boom, broken heart
Ghost of a lover gone
I don't wanna be a part
Girl, I don't wanna sing that song
The beat goes on and on, forever
The beat comes back around
Boom, boom, got that start
Guys of another call
Oh, you don't wanna be alone
Girl, dancing in the night

I still believe I can never make it alone
Even when you can't deceive me
I know that we always fall
Because after all ??

Oh, no, this feels a mess
You got me paralyzed, baby
You will never see me again, baby
Unless you need me alone
No, no, you will never be alone